Add a Mailchimp sign-up form to your Shopify store

Capture more leads and increase sales

Add a mailchimp sign-up form to your site

Job outline


Platform: Shopify
Technologies: Not Available


This tweak adds a Mailchimp Signup Form to your Shopify site on any page you wish for the exception of the checkout page.

There are two types of forms I can install on your site:

  • Embedded forms
  • Subscriber popup

Because signup forms sell better at looking integrated, in both cases:

  • The form is created for you, just provide the credentials
  • The HTML and basic CSS is installed
  • The form is styled to match your site. Two things to consider here:
    • If you provide a mockup made by a designer, a quote may be necessary to cover the extra time to replicate the design and do good work
    • If you are relying on me to style the form, I will use my best judgement. You have unlimited amounts of revisions. Each revision just costs 5% extra.

If this is your first time adding a form you need not to worry. When you buy this tweak, we can figure things out together on the best approach.

Some of the many reasons why people would join are:

  • You are giving away something for free
  • You offer a loyalty program
  • You offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly updates on new products
  • You offer “unfair adavantage” email sales

If you ever feel after the suggestions I’ve made that you don’t want the form after all, I will be more than happy to refund your money. I’m not in the business of taking money for bad service. If the tweak remains idle for more than a week and no form has been added to any site, you will also get your money back.

What this tweak includes

  • Installation of the form
  • Basic styling (colors, background, fonts and borders). Complete customization available upon request.
  • New customizations. The signup form will be customizable through your Shopify theme customization panel
    • Checkbox to show or hide (If a popup, turn it on or off)
    • Input to enter the MailChimp signup URL


Development details

Price: $199
ETD: 1-3 Days
Qualifies for 24hr turn-around? Yes