Add a size guide to your Shopify store

Lower your return rate on merchandise

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Add a SIZE GUIDE to your online store

Job outline


Platform: Shopify
Technologies: Shopify Liquid, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


A size guide gives your customers a better chance of picking the right size for them based on the country of their choice and lowers your return rate on merchandise.

The product page template of your Shopify store will be slightly customized with an added link or button located next to the size selector and will open a window on top of the site upon clicking of the button. For customers viewing the site on a mobile device, the size guide will open in its own window.

This service includes the following:

  • Customization of the product page with an added link or button. Button will be made to match the current style of the website
  • Can be shown/hidden based on on a specific product, a specific collection or tag upon request
  • Includes a general style guide for men and a general one for women
  • Multiple style guides (based on specific products/collection/tags) can be used instead of a general style guide as well for an added fee
  • The style guide will open in its own window (in what we call in the industry a “light box”)
  • Responsive: The guide will open in its own window atop the site on devices that provide enough space, otherwise it will open into a new window

Development details

Price: $299
ETD: 3-7 Days
Qualifies for 24hr turn-around? No