Add item to cart and stay on the same page

How to have your customer stay on the product page


Job outline


Platform: Shopify
Technologies: Liquid, JavaScript, CSS/SCSS


So, instead of sending your customer to the cart page, you want them to stay on the product page after they clicked on the add to cart button? Why not right? Most e-commerce platforms if not all, are setup this way by default. Why send them there in the first place? Its getting more and more popular these days on popular sites including Amazon with their one-click purchase. Its slick and it brings that magical feeling of picking what you want without the dread of seeing what’s in your basket and having you think you might have bought too much. That’s how some of them think and one of the possible reasons why carts get abandoned. If you make it easier for your customer to buy online, you make it easier for you to earn more.

So what can you do? If you are a store owner and don’t mind the idea of coding, you can install the script written by the very prolific developer Caroline Schnapp. This script does not need any configuration out of the box and gets you going in no time. It has been verified to work on 2 themes so far but I have successfully installed on other themes. How it works is that your product page stays the same. The text doesnt change, the add to cart button stays the same, ect. Instead of being sent to the cart page, when the customer¬†adds the item to their cart,¬†a little feedback window appears below the add to cart button. It is even styled to accommodate most stores!

Here’s a simple demo.

If you wish to have the script installed for you, scroll down to the bottom of this page and click “buy this tweak”. Its that simple.

What does this tweak includes?

  • Install of liquid snippets
  • Install of JavaScript files
  • Assurance this code will work on your store
  • Basic customization – styling of the feedback box colors, borders, background and fonts

Advanced Customizations

What if you need to customize it for your store? If you have a specific idea of what you want, head on out to the help section and send me the details of what you want done.


Development details

Price: $125
ETD: 1-3 Days
Qualifies for 24hr turn-around? Yes