Adding a currency switcher to your Shopify store

Allow your customers to view prices in their homeland currency

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Job outline


Platform: Shopify
Technologies: Shopify Liquid, jQuery, HTML/CSS


If you need to provide your customers with the price of your items in their currency of choice on a single Shopify store, your option is to use a currency switcher. Shopify will always process orders in your store’s operating currency but now they don’t have to wait until they have completely checked-out. This tweak is a valuable update to any Shopify store as it has a high return on investment. Customers will feel appreciated and will prevent them from browsing away to Google or step away to grab a calculator which they may not come back from. Keep your customers and give them happy by giving them instant gratification!

When buying the currency switcher tweak, you can expect the following:

  • Installing and setting up the currency switcher
  • Placed at the location of your choice*
  • Branded to your store’s theme (color, font, spacing)
  • Responsive
  • Display currencies with a drop-down or inline list
  • Upon request, a non-branded standard drop-down with their respective flags is also available
  • If you wish for a more custom solution don’t hesitate to ask. Extra Fees apply.


  • A currency switcher will usually be found in the upper-right hand corner in the header of a store although that is not necessary.
  • With Shopify, you have the ability to show multiple currencies on your storefront for display purposes only. It is only possible for your customers to checkout in one currency. More details


Development details

Price: $249
ETD: 1-3 Days
Qualifies for 24hr turn-around? Yes