Have your site reviewed or audited

Find out what might be wrong with your site


Job outline


Platform: All Platforms
Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript


If your website is experiencing issues and you don’t know why, perhaps because no one can figure it out, or simply don’t want to offend. Why not send it to me? I’ll review it free of charge! I will tell you what I think the issues are and what can be improved. You might say but what’s the catch? Hmm.. not sure there is one. The only catch I can think of is that if you need a full-report all professional and everything, that will take some time to do so I will have to charge. Otherwise, plain ‘ol English (or french, I speak both) is what you will get.

Here are the things I can help you with:

  • Slow download speed
  • Never-ending loading spinning thing (aka activity indicator, indeterminate progress bar, Throbber)
  • Unused front-end elements (Call to action buttons never clicked for example)
  • Overall design look and feel
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Cross-browsing/Cross-platform issues (On desktop, I support Windows and Os X. On mobile, I support iOS and Android, for browsers I support Firefox, Safari, IE, Chrome and Opera)

If you have anything else you want to have reviewed and it is not on that list, don’t be afraid to ask.

Development details

Price: $0
ETD: 3-7 Days
Qualifies for 24hr turn-around? No